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Our values and priciples of work

We believe that our true worth comes from the people who are part of our team - hardworking, cheerful and committed to our principles of work::

we care for every patient with the attention we would pay to our loved ones
we always fully comply with the recommended professional procedures
we believe that any problem can be solved
we are always ready to do what is right
we get gratification from the knowledge that we are able to help others
we believe that even the smallest details are important
we are constantly striving to be better in our work today than we were yesterday

published: 26.05.2020
last change: 27.05.2020



Dr. Necakovski Dental Practice Ul. Ivan Milutinovik 54-1/1 Bitola, Macedonia Phone: 0038947-254528, 0038970-610-312 (mobile)
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